How to Join us & to Start Reenacting

To join our regiment either visit us at one of the events listed on the events page or please contact one of our members listed below
see also items in Regimental News and So You Want to Become a Re-enactor

Commanding Officer
Captain Darren Paul
West Glamorgan

Sergeant Peter Holt
Tyne & Wear

Download ACWS Membership form

or write to the ACWS Membership Secretary at

ACWS Ltd, 17 Swan St, Sileby, LOUGHBOROUGH, LE12 7NN

or for further information email
Webmaster Ian Morris

 To begin with the essential items are:-
1) a sack coat
2) a pair of trousers
3) a pair of braces
4) a pair of black leather boots
5) a kepi/forage cap
6) a leather belt and brass ‘US’ belt buckle 

The other items pictured below are not essential, but you may find them very useful, especially greatcoats and ponchos in cold and wet weather. During warm weather you will find a canteen is essential.
If you want to ‘live fire’ you need to acquire a shotgun certificate and a black powder licence from your local Police force. Then you will need a smoothbore musket, either a Springfield or an Enfield, and of course a leather percussion cap pouch and a cartridge box.

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Here Are Examples Of Uniform & Equipment You Will Need To Turn Yourself Into A Union Soldier.


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